2015 Ford Mustang Release Date and Price

I the last 50 years nothing kept attention of car admirers in US, as Ford Mustang did it. This vehicle was adored between drivers because of the strength, speed, and the reliability. This iconic car is expected to be redesigned and presented to its fans in US, but also admirers overseas. New 2015 Mustang, the fifth generation of Ford’s most popular model, is expected to have at least few retro details, so it could appease overseas customers, but also not to disappoint traditional fans in U.S. When it was started back in the year 2005, the fifth generation Ford Mustang series were based on the D2C platform and gave a flashback of the early 1960 cars. The new 2015 Mustang vehicle has been the hot topic for some time. Everyone wanted to get the look of this car and its characteristics.

2015 Ford Mustang Leaked

2015 Ford Mustang Release Date

Since it was unveiled at the New York World’s Fair back in 1964, this car became instant success. After a half century legend is still alive. And Ford decided for the 2015 to give fans another Mustang. It planned to be presented at the beginning of 2014, at the Detroit Motor Show. But everyone doubt in it. No one believes that Ford will miss a half century anniversary date, April 17. 2014. But there is also rumors that it could be introduced in December.

2015 Ford Mustang Release Concept

2015 Ford Mustang start of sales

As we still don’t know exact release date of vehicle, predictions for the start of market sales of 2015 Mustang are near. It is realistic to announce for the second half of the 2014. Judging by some reports it won’t happen before the last quarter of the year. The earliest predictions for new model set up the date for July 2014. But one thing is sure, we are less than a year from market sales.

2015 Ford Mustang release

2015 Ford Mustang price

Price range will as usually  depend on engines and trim levels. You can expect the base model with V6 at $ 25,000 and for 2015 Mustang GT with a V8 approximately for $ 30,000.

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